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I'm a working wife and mom who takes care of an aging parent. Only I began doing it full-time, in my home, when I was in my mid-thirties, single and about to make a career change. Thirteen years later, mom is still living with me and I expect it to be that way until one of us leaves this earth. It hasn't always been easy managing her care. (I've helped my mother recover from surgery, and a major injury that required a nursing home stay, as well as the death of my younger brother after a long illness.) But caring for her has been worth it because I know that my assistance means she enjoys a better quality of life as she ages. I hope the experiences and information that I share will help you manage,with grace, the changes that take place in your life as you assume the responsibility of being your parent's caregiver. If you have a question you think I can answer, please contact me at

Baby monitor is a good way to monitor elderly parent’s during the night

It’s been a while since I’ve needed to use a baby monitor in my son’s room, but I keep it on because his bedroom is just across the hall from mom’s bedroom and having the monitor on allows me to

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Colds and other ailments can complicate routine medical treatment for elderly

I recently returned from a business trip to find my mom sick with a nasty cold.  As with young kids, you always have to pay special attention to elderly people when they are sick because most have other medical conditions

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Protein and food labels help diabetics manage blood glucose

I said in my previous post that my mom’s referral to the dietitian was probably the most important one we received because it’s helped me manage her diabetes just as much as the medications she takes. With all the low-carb

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The ER visit

There I was, July 4th weekend, sitting in the hospital emergency room waiting for the results of my mom’s tests to come .  She hadn’t been in town a week and we hadn’t even gotten a chance to visit her

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Elder care first year lessons

I was naïve when I moved my mother into my home. I honestly thought that moving a senior person to live with me would be like having a roommate, with just a little more needs.

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Don’t be afraid

I sincerely hope that after reading MyMothersKeeper many of you will understand that becoming your mother or father’s caregiver is doable whether you do so in your own home, or remotely from your own or even from another community.

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Medicare scams hurting senior citizens, taxpayers

It’s bad enough that Medicare is running out of money and that elderly people can’t afford their medication and treatment they desperately need.  But the Associated Press reported today that 36 people, including health care providers and Medicare recipients, were

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Adult day care can help you care for your parents

Assuming full or part-time care of a parent can be a daunting experience, especially if you have a job and family of your own.  You want to make sure your parent is healthy and comfortable, but taking on their care usually

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American Cancer Society Helps Cancer Patients Spruce Up

One of the hardest things about receiving cancer treatment is how you look and feel.  The nausea, hair loss and blotchy skin often are constant reminders that you’re sick.  But cancer patients who’ve been through it say a little lip

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Mom through my eyes

When I look at mom she sometimes reminds me of that MasterCard commercial where the announcer puts a price tag on the cost of items people buy to make themselves feel good.  Take for example the ad where  Olive Oil

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