A first hand account of private Medicare plans on middle class children of aging parents

By Cynthia Wilson

I recently shared in an interview with insidePatientFinance.com,  a personal experience of how my household was affected by privatized Medicare.  

The online business publication reports news and follows trends that affects health care finance. So its readers may find my book “Who Will Take Care of Mom?  an interesting read.

Like myself, health care finance professionals recognize that adult children caring for elderly parents is a growing trend.   So is the trend of states making adult children responsible for their indigent parents health care debt.

Although I was not legally responsible for my mother’s debt, I’m grateful that I was able to pay the hospital and nursing home bills she accumulated during her stay after a serious accident several years ago. However, many families, would  not have been able to do so. And many, including myself, will not be able to take on that kind of financial responsibility  in the future given other family and financial obligations.

Read more of the review from insidePatientFinance

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I'm a working wife and mom who takes care of an aging parent. Only I began doing it full-time, in my home, when I was in my mid-thirties, single and about to make a career change. Thirteen years later, mom is still living with me and I expect it to be that way until one of us leaves this earth. It hasn't always been easy managing her care. (I've helped my mother recover from surgery, and a major injury that required a nursing home stay, as well as the death of my younger brother after a long illness.) But caring for her has been worth it because I know that my assistance means she enjoys a better quality of life as she ages. I hope the experiences and information that I share will help you manage,with grace, the changes that take place in your life as you assume the responsibility of being your parent's caregiver. If you have a question you think I can answer, please contact me at Cynthia@motherskeeper.com

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