Voter scams targeting elderly

By Cynthia Wilson

The elderly vote is obviously an important one.  So much so that voter fraud efforts may be at their highest levels this election cycle,  with senior citizens at the center of the fraud in many cases.

voting day in a small town

Voting day in a small town . Photo courtesy of Muffet

While the economy is top of mind for many voters this presidential election years, potential Medicare  reform is likely what’s motivating many senior citizens to cast their vote this year.  So they’ve become the latest target in voter fraud and manipulation.

People pretending to be election officials have called elderly voters in at least three states (Florida, Indiana and Virginia)  inviting them to vote by telephone. The callers are telling the elderly that if they vote by telephone they will not have to worry about casting their ballots at their polling sites on or before election day.

Some seniors like Kurtis Killian, a Republican from St. Augustine, Florida, immediately knew that the telephone call he received is a scam.  But this can be a very tempting offer for a home bound senior citizen, or someone who doesn’t drive, have easy access to transportation or someone to take them to the polls.  Then again, if voting by phone were possible and legal, almost everyone would do it.

But these calls obviously aren’t intended to get more people voting.  The calls are intended to cheat elderly people out of their vote. The calls may also be an attempt to get important information that can lead to identity theft.

Police haven’t discovered who is begin the fraud, but the FBI is investigating.  In the meantime, seniors once again, are being preyed upon.  If scams like this succeed, the elderly and the rest of the country  will suffer the consequences.

It’s nobody’s business who anyone chooses to vote for. But no one’s vote should be stolen from them, especially in the privacy and comfort of their own home.

Make sure it doesn’t happen to your, your mom, dad or any other elderly person.

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